Too Crowded at Beach to Ride Bike in Surf City

Welcome to summer in Huntington Beach! When a neighbor came back early from his Saturday morning beach bike ride, we asked him, “What’s up?” He normally rides 20 miles between his Surf City home and Newport Beach. But on this pre-4th of July morninghe got backĀ  early and told us that there were “just too many kids” on the bike path. Two events at the beach–a sand soccer tournament and a volleyball tournament would normally be no big deal for a seasoned bike enthusiast accustomed to sharing the road with pet owners, skaters, and fellow bicyclists.

But apparently certain types of events with lots of energetic kids brings youngsters not necessarily from the beach area, and not aware of the rules for HB bike path safe crossing.

“Kids were actually playing ball on the path and it was just to dangerous to continue riding,” said the neighbor who has ridden the bike paths for over 30 years. While the multi-use paved beach path has speed limits during summer months and events, summer creates special circumstances in which exercise enthusiasts will find new challenges. Even avid joggers will find themselves slowing down, and many prefer to come early or late when beach cross traffic thins out. It’s definitely summer and for those who don’t like crowds, hunker down for 10 weeks till crowds dissipate.

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2 Responses to “Too Crowded at Beach to Ride Bike in Surf City”

  1. jennifer Brown on June 30th, 2010 at 10:27 pm

    I had the exact expereince this weekend. it makes me upset that i pay the high mortgage to live here, we are constatly getting the shaft, cant use the beach area peple park and litter in front of my house. nobody cleans up after them. cant get into a resturant. what do we get for our trouble after the city makes money from all the tourists?????the least they could do after a big event is to drive a street sweeper down the streets..but i would probably get a ticket and to pay that also.

  2. Native HB Beach bum on July 21st, 2010 at 3:09 pm

    As an avid HB bike rider, I agree about frustraion of the crowds as it seems when we have the best weather here it’s too crowded to enjoy it.. Beaches in general in SoCal are havens to inlanders as well as out of area tourist resulting in over-crowding for all beach locals.

    I think the difference lies in how each area “manages” it. SADLY the bike paths in L.A. county (Will Rogers State park down through Venice Beach as well as Belmont Shores to Long Beach) seem to layout the paths better to accomidate both pedestrians as well as bike riders better. They have lanes on their paths not only marked specifically for “bikes ONLY” or “Pedestrians ONLY” but they even have yellow dotted lines to keep the traffic flow going in the right directions which that alone could eliminate allot of congestion on the paths ~ like people going in so many directions in the same area halts traffic ~

    In addition ~ I think upon admission to the parking lots, there should be flyers given out to those not familar with the etiquette or rules of the paths ~ allot of visitors are ignorant that etiquette (aka common sense) exists on these paths. Maybe making rules of common sense like not standing visiting ON the path – kids playing – ect should be made more visible.

    The above doesn’t fix our overcrowding but it sure makes enjoying our bike & jogging paths more effective and less stressful. Busy weekends I’m upset that we have to load our bikes and drive OUT of the area to be able to enjoy a bike ride on a beach pathway when I LIVE next to one of the best.

    Last it seems that there should be some sort of “local parking” like an annual sticker that would free up some parking spaces for “locals” for places like Dog Beach – main street area – ect – just a handful to at least offer some perks back to locals paying the higher cost to live here.


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