“The World’s Richest Busboy” – A Good Read

“The World’s Richest Busboy” –  A Good Read

By Chris MacDonald, Writer/Photographer, HB Ambassador/The Local News Columnist

J.J. Brito began surfing on the South side of the Huntington Beach pier at age 13. He later worked at Harpoon Harry’s in Sunset Beach as a busboy, carefully saving his nickels, pennies, dimes and dollars. He dreamed of traveling the world, surfing and sightseeing. And, he managed to live his dream.

He has been to more than 35 countries in search of the best waves and experiences–many of which are documented in his well-written, recently-released book, “The World’s Richest Busboy”. You’ll read about his adventures with waves, women, bouncers, sandstorms. motorcycling, and border crossings. It’s a hard book to put down because of his natural way with words, describing diverse encounters in descriptive, easy-to-read detail. You get to tag along with him and experience a rollercoaster ride of emotion, excitement and envy.

J.J. lived out of a station wagon in South Africa, hitched rides across Australia, sailed the Caribbean, rode an old motorcycle (rigged with surfboard racks) from California to Costa Rica and glided through a glass-like tunnel inside an emerald green wave in Nicaragua.

Welcomed into the homes of people on every corner of the Earth, he learned about the generosity of the human spirit, the overwhelming beauty of nature, and the unpredictability of life on the road. He finds paradise wherever he is. Even today, the surfer finds magic both in Huntington Beach and the South Pacific islands, where his self-built bungalow beckons.

The book can be purchased locally at Surf City Store on the Pier, the 17th Street Boardshop, the Huntington Beach International Surfing Museum and Kanvas By Katin.

If you have any questions for the author, please contact him at: (904) 501-4487. His e-mail address is: sundazepublishing@gmail.com. Pictured  is J.J. Brito with his Fiance, Susan Hull.

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One Response to ““The World’s Richest Busboy” – A Good Read”

  1. Laz on June 15th, 2011 at 12:24 am

    JJ – this is a great read. I truly appreciate your personal touch as the author – it was like you were sitting next to me telling me the stories.

    I trust you’re working on a second book (without ruining the ending), which will pick up where the last one left off…..

    Wishing you continued success!



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