“The World’s Richest Busboy” – A Good Read

“The World’s Richest Busboy” –  A Good Read By Chris MacDonald, Writer/Photographer, HB Ambassador/The Local News Columnist J.J. Brito began surfing on the South side of the Huntington Beach pier at age 13. He later worked at Harpoon Harry’s in Sunset Beach as a busboy, carefully saving his nickels, pennies, dimes and dollars. He dreamed […]

We Live in Paradise in Orange County– Catch a Sunset!

Orange County, California should be known for its sunsets. They’re so spectacular that one town named itself after them–Sunset Beach. Some of the best spots to watch the sun go down include Southern California piers. Stand either on one, or below the pier to watch the end of a perfect day at the beach in […]

California Gurls – They’re Undeniable in Newport Beach

When Katy Perry released a summer block-buster song, California Gurls, with Snoop Dogg featured on the cut, we knew we’d be hearing way too much of this perky tune. And it has happened, sure enough.

Surf City Sunshine in Shades of Yellow & Green

Huntington Beach, CA–A sea of yellow like a blast of sunshine stood at the stoplight at Pacific Coast Highway and Main Street just a day before the launch of the US Open of Surfing in downtown Surf City. Cool and slightly overcast weather greeted sunbathers and surfers

Huntington State Beaches Are Pretty Safe

Recent statistics that crime is up at California state beaches, included Huntington Beach. But on further glance, it turned out that the types of crimes reported were mostly tresspassing and non-violent crimes such as theft. This type of news could support the idea that we need more and bigger government

Too Crowded at Beach to Ride Bike in Surf City

Welcome to summer in Huntington Beach! When a neighbor came back early from his Saturday morning beach bike ride, we asked him, “What’s up?” He normally rides 20 miles between his Surf City home and Newport Beach. But on this pre-4th of July morning

No Tsunami But Big Waves Bring Great Surfing to HB Contest

HUNTINGTON BEACH, CALIF.–Up to 12 foot waves delighted surfers participating and competing in the Nike 6.0 West Coast Championships on the south side of the Huntington Beach Pier onn May 22, 2010. Trevor Thornton of San Clemente got an 8.5 in the open men’s quarterfinals saying he was stoked when he caught the wave of […]

Surfing Museum

Let’s go surfing now, everybody’s learning how–on a surfing safari with me. Did you ever feel like you wished you’d learned to surf? It is never too late. From 3 to 4 year olds, to 75 year young surfers, you can participate as long as your health is good.

How’s the Surf in Surf City?

How is the surf in Surf City? The water quality, ranks high, temperatures are heating up, and the average swells throughout the year range in the 2 foot-to 5 foot swell, with some exceptions and some bright spots. When the surf is hot, you’ll know by the number of surfers around the HB Pier. And […]


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