Dog Friendly Hotels – You & Me and Doggy Make 3 in Surf City

Huntington Beach, Calif.–You won’t be amazed to learn that the U.S. birthrate is the lowest in a century when you visit pet friendly hotels such as the Shorebreak Hotel in Huntington Beach. With so many couples bringing their pets on trips (and no kids) you quickly see just how many couples consider their dogs their […]

Shorebreak Hotel Popular Fixture in Surf City

Huntington Beach, Calif.–Who can believe that the Shorebreak hotel has been around for over a year? It is amazing how time passes. When it first launched, you could get a room for just over $100. The deals were flowing, but it didn’t take long to spread the word about this hotel that overlooks the Huntington […]

Can Surf City Compete with Long Beach for Bike City Claim?

What constitutes the right to call yourself the bike city in California–and can Huntington Beach reach status as a recognized bike city? Neighboring Long Beach, California declared years ago that it was going to earn the moniker of bike city.

Trip to HB Under Scrutiny by El Paso, Texas

Ed Archuleta, president and CEO of the Public Service Board in El Paso visited Huntington Beach, one of his 28 reported business trips costing his city over $16,000 for travel. We love having him here in the seaside destination, and can’t blame him for visiting HB rather than less desirable spots. His expenses and travel […]


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