4 Artists Paint 1 Canvas Outdoors at Oct. 20 HB Art Walk

artwalkHUNTINGTON BEACH, CALIF.–Four artists with totally different artistic styles come together to produce a time-based live artwork at Surf City’s upcoming Art Walk. Music from three DJs has been coordinated to accompany the painting sessions providing participating painters  30 minutes each to put their unique spin on a single 58″ X 58″ canvas. This event will be happening from 6 to 8 p.m. at Electric Chair, 410 Main St., and the finished piece held will be on display until the Art Walk finishes at 9 p.m.


6 PM

Ben Walker, whose Jackson Pollock-like techniques will add interesting layered texture to the blank canvas launches at 6 p.m. This is Ben’s first participation in a live art event and despite being shy about working in public, he is taking part because he is passionate about promoting art in Huntington Beach and curious about creating a cohesive piece of art in this way.

6:30 PM

Cory Hill who, despite being color blind, uses bold blocks of color in his own artwork. Cory is taking part because he’s never done a live or collaborative painting before and has always wanted to try it. Hill says artists tend to work alone and this type of project forces them to open up, try new things and see things from a different perspective.

7 PM

Adam Sweet of Human Being Inspired, a creative agency specializing in custom graphic artwork on most any surface is excited to be part of this live art experience in downtown Huntington Beach. He seeks to create a fluid connection between what’s been done already and what’s to be done. The energy from people watching and the surroundings will help Sweet capture both the mood of the event and the canvas art itself.

8 PM

Pinky Taylor aims to approach the canvas fresh, with no preconceived ideas. Taking his turn as a DJ for this live event, he says he just does what he feels at the time and hopes to feed off the other artists and their vibe and just have fun.

The Downtown Huntington Beach Art Walk is held the 3rd Wednesday of the month from 6 to 9 p.m. Artists are invited to apply to exhibit their work at upcoming events, and the public is invited to attend for free. For further information please contact: Katy Brack, Art Walk PR, 714 655 6537

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