Global Noble Deeds Car Wash Helps Feed Homeless

car washBy Chris MacDonald, Writer/Photographer, HB Ambassador/The Local News Columnist

Global Noble Deeds Helps SoCal People In Need

The Global Noble Deeds Foundation recently held a car wash at the shopping center at Beach and Garfield in Huntington Beach to raise money to feed and clothe the homeless in Southern California.

One of the first cars in to be washed was driven by Sher Pai, co-owner of Huntington Surf & Sport. Some of her companies employees are part of Global Noble Deeds. “I believe in what they’re doing and wanted to show my support,” she said. “They’re showing compassion and taking action to help others and make this a better World.”

This organization was created by John Frize and David Zepeda to emphasize the Passion of God’s Love. “The Bible says to love your neighbor as yourself and that’s what we’re doing,” explained HB’s Frize. “In addition to fundraisers, people make donations through our website ( and tell of their needs. It’s developed into an exciting, caring, online Goodwill-type service.”

“We’re a non-profit group, seeking to plant seeds in the lives of people and their communities in both a spiritual and literal sense,” Frize said. “The seeds are intended to grow into a new group of trees in the Business Garden of Today’s World. Our goal is to lend a hand to the less fortunate, to help them get back on their feet and re-build the importance of community in the World, while planting the seeds of God’s Love.”

Frize is in construction but members of Global Noble Deeds, which started in 2009, come from all walks of life.

You can learn about them more at: . They are also on Facebook and Twitter. They’ll be more car washes for this group Follow their website for details.

1. The Global Noble Deeds Group just finished washing a car.

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