Fine Pastries in Huntington Beach, CA

Huntington Beach, Calif.–The time-honored tradition of making Baumkuchen Tree Cake is carried on by the European Master Pastry Chef who ships his specialties to your home. His bakery, The Cake Box, offers 10 percent discoun on cakes, pastries and other products, but only when you visit the Huntington Beach store!

America’s Top Pastry Chef Lives & Creates in Huntington Beach
You can tell it by sight.
You can tell it by smell.
And you certainly can tell it by taste.
Paul Gauweiler may be the best pastry chef in America.

He really knows how to create the “WOW!” in both look and taste.

All you have to do is see, smell and taste his incredible Baumkuchen Tree Cake. He reportedly has the only antique machine used to make it west of the Mississippi. His Tree Cakes are so well-known that he has received recent customer orders from New York to Oxnard.

The award-winning European Master Pastry Chef has been baking at his Cake Box, 6054 Warner (near Springdale, behind Arbor Restaurant), Huntington Beach, for 37 years.

The friendly man, who became a master pastry chef in Hannover, Germany, has also caused mouths to water in Paris, at the Disneyland Hotel and Harvey’s Resort & Casino at Lake Tahoe.

The reason his cookies, English trifles and wedding cakes are so scrumptuous is because of Paul’s training and experience as well as his love of what he does. He will create whatever you want and make it the best you’ve probably ever had.

“The finest taste is our goal but we want it to look sensational too,” said the chef, who has an eye for detail and design that’s evident on everything he cooks.

Stop by the Cake Box and you will see what we mean.


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