New Eats, Treats, Lotsa Sweets in Downtown Surf City for Xmas

HUNTINGTON BEACH, CALIF.– If you gain a few inches around the waist at Christmas time, you might want to cut back and curb your enthusiasm for food and drink. But not before trying some of the latest new food and beverage businesses to arrive in downtown Surf City. Bruxie, a new waffle house is coming to downtown HB 5th Street soon, and believe it or not, there’s no liquor being served. The local downtown residents association should heartily approve! Another changing of the guard is Tuna Town being closed. Supposedly a Mexican restaurant is coming in…just a rumor as far as we know. There’s also a planned healthy dining option supposedly on its way in the 4th or 5th block of Main near the other two, the vegan restaurant and Jan’s Health Bar.

If it’s sweets for your sweetie this Christmas, head over to Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory at 200 Main St. for fresh caramel apples, candies, chocolates and adorable candy gifts to give for a variety of needs ranging from family and home to office thank-yous’s. Also downtown are bakeries with cakes, cookies and pastries, several ice cream stores and a gelatto shop. Here are coupons for several of your favorite places to get your sugar fix.

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