New City Council, New Senior Center

Many are billing the recent elections in Surf City  Huntington Beach, California as a new era in leadership of the city. In a November 2014 election in which four out of seven spots on the Huntington Beach City Council were open, two council members were not re-elected. The top vote getters were all new to the Council– Barbara Delgleize, a Realtor and active pro-business HB Chamber member, Mike Posey, Billy O’Connell and Erik Peterson.

Also on the ballot was a measure to re-instate safe & sane fireworks, which passed 61% to 39%, getting over 28,000 votes in favor of a change in law.

What’s this all mean? As the new Senior Center in Central Park breaks ground this week (public invited,) the new era for Huntington Beach will unfold as issues come to the council for vote. Those who lost during this election were billed as environmentalists. However the two losing seats and not re-elected to council, Connie Boardman and Joe Shaw, both were in favor building a Senior Center in the park and in favor bonfires as the beach that some claim release unhealthy pollution. They were both instrumental in pushing forward a plastic bag ban in the city with fees charged for stores supplying paper bags to consumers. Connie Boardman argued against cell towers in the wetlands and the vote went in her favor.

New council member Barbara Delgleize used a campaign issue of wanting to improve wi-fi and internet connectivity throughout the city, which could mean voting in favor of communications companies to build cell towers in parks, at churches and in neighborhoods where people reside. Like so many issues, the reality of her campaign agenda will unfold with time as issues come to Council.  There’s no denying that Huntington Beach is growing. Just drive along Edinger Ave. between Gothard and Beach Blvd. to see what’s in store. Since so many of the changes will be realized in the next several years, the words of a TV personality, Dr. Phil, come to mind: “How’s that working out for ya’?” The answers will guide the new council in their decisions to vote on issues affecting beloved HB.

Congratulations to the new Council as you step into the role of decision makers. Nearly 200,000 people are counting on you to make Surf City a great place to live, work and play.

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