Orbitrons Launch Surf Concerts into Orbit


By Chris MacDonald

The Orbitrons (pictured) is a San Diego-based band that started things off for the 2014 HB International Surfing Museum “Surfin’ Sundays” concert series at Pier Plaza. The band members were dressed black & white, and served up some cool tunes at the beach with songs such as: Chi Chi, Jack the Ripper, Small Craft Advisory, The Creep, Pacifica, Wave, Stake Out, Washout, Sing Sing Sing, Avalanche and Intruder. Other bands performing included Chum, Kelp, The Riptides and Boss Tide.

Introducing them was Linda Miller, now in her 10th year as a Surfin’ Sunday volunteer. Hundreds of people came to listen the music on a significant day for Surf music. It’s the 77th birthday of King of the Surf Guitar, Dick Dale, who Miller honored with the Number 13. Dale’s favorite number is 13. There were 13 vendors at Pier Plaza supporting the Surfing Museum, which celebrates its  13th year of free concerts   in 2014.

Miller also paid tribute to the Surfing Museum founders Natalie Kotsch and Ann Beasley, both who have passed but whose memories live on in the wonderful programs the museum offers to the public.

If you’d like to attend the concert series, the event always takes place on Sunday and is held either at Pier Plaza on the north side of Pier Plaza (315 Pacific Coast Highway) or at the Surfing Museum parking lot at 411 Olive.


Serving up his famous hamburgers, chicken sandwiches and dogs was Mike Ali, owner of Zack’s Pier Plaza Catering & Concessions. The restaurant which has served HB for over 20 years is a supporter of the Museum and its concerts. You can buy tasty foods, rent surfboards and bikes during the concert. Take a spin and enjoy this fun annual event.

Also appearing was surfer Randy Lyford, with his legendary 1951 Woody Ford Station Wagon. It will be featured in the 4th of July Parade as an entry to celebrate Surf City Store’s 20th anniversary selling HB memorabilia and souvenirs on the Huntington Beach Pier.

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