Sertinos Coffee Cafe at The Strand in Huntington Beach is Open!

sertinos coffee cafeSertinos Coffee Cafe 150 5th Street, Huntington Beach, CA. Call: (714) 969-4888.

With the popularity of coffee drinks in downtown Huntington Beach it only makes sense that a city of 200,000 residents and millions of visitors is big enough to support another downtown coffee house serving the needs of coffee lovers. Delicious brews, a sandwich or two, croissants, pastries, bagels, and an atmosphere where you can comfortably check your email while on the road in Surf City are offered at a new shop just around the corner from the Main Street Starbucks.

The grand opening of Sertinos in Huntington Beach (directly across the street from Shorebreak Hotel) on 5th Street, provides downtown residents and visitors another coffee house and sandwich shop similar to Coach’s Deli around the corner on Olive.

From the menu:

Roasted Red Pepper Panini – $8.99 (also try Tuna, Italian Chicken or Grilled Pizza Panini);

Salads $5.99-7.99;

Deli Sandwiches available in half or whole sandwich–Turkey or Ham, Tuna Salad, California Veggie, Pastrami, Turkey Cranberry, Turkey & Ham, BLT Classic or Chicken Avocado – $5.09 – 8.99;

Half Sandwich and a Cup of Soup – $8.99;

Hot Toasted Sandwiches available in half or whole size–Italian Sub, Chipotle Ranch Chicken, Honey Ham Bacon Club, Meatball, Roast Beef, Chicken Fajita, Turkey Southwestern Club, Double Cheese Melt, Chicken Guacamole Bacon, and Veggie Supreme – $4.99 – 8.99.

Sodas, bottled drinks, energy beverages, coffees and teas are all served and sold at Sertinos Coffee Cafe. Not hungry yet?  You will be when you visit and see the beautiful food preparation area and see the spacious room with indoor and outdoor cafe seating next to HB’s unique sea sculpture at The Strand.

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One Response to “Sertinos Coffee Cafe at The Strand in Huntington Beach is Open!”

  1. Jason McFarland on March 12th, 2012 at 9:05 pm

    The place has changed alot sence my Grandparents owned it. kind of breaks my hart. but I know things have to change. Jason McFarland (Grandson of the Terrys)


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