Book Review: “Some Like It Cold” When Surfing in Wisconsin

Some like it coldBy Chris MacDonald, Writer/Photographer, HB Ambassador/The Local News Columnist

Author William Povletich debuted his fascinating new book, “Some Like It Cold,” at a special Book Signing on July 31st at The Huntington Beach International Surfing Museum.

The book’s about a Wisconsin Surfin Sufari. The stirring and occasionally chilling true story about the two brothers who helped transform Sheboygan, WI, into one of the best freshwater surfing sports in the world. For the previous six decades, twin brothers Lee and Larry Williams have been surfing the Gnarliest Waves despite living nearly 2,000 miles from any ocean.

Overcoming the obstacle of being born in the middle of the country, they made their massive pipe dreams happen on the shores of Lake Michigan. “Some Like It Cold,” A Sheboygan Surfin Surfari, chronicles the lives of these two brothers and the unique culture they helped build. They turned Sheboygan into “the Malibu of the Midwest.” As hosts of the Dairyland Surf Classic, they became internationally famous for their huge beach party.

“This book superbly highlights the goodtime years of surfing on the Great Lakes,” said famed Surf Photographer John Lyman of HB. “Brothers Williams are true surfers, who will suffer through cold water and weather to feel the feeling only a surfer knows. This is a great read for anyone interested in the lesser-known history of surfing.”

The 188-page paperback book, published from Clerisy Press, has black and white pictures throughout. It’s available at The Huntington Beach International Surfing Museum – 411 Olive Avenue near 5th Street for $14.95.

The author has also written “Milwaukee Braves: Heroes and Heartbrake” and “Green Bay Packers: Legends in Green and Gold.” He’s also an Emmy-nominated, Peabody Award-winning documentary filmmaker. Go buy his new book and enjoy a great read!

If you have questions for the author log on to: . It’s a must read.

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