Trader Joe’s Halloween Display Invites the Imagination

trader joesTrader Joe’s has Halloween displays at their Huntington Beach market in Huntington Harbour.

Whole Foods Market opened this week in Huntington Beach so we went over to examine some of the produce, planning to pick up something to take home. Blueberries were $5.99–more than we’ve ever paid. We just marveled at the amazing crowd and fact that the chain store reported an 88% increase in profit in August 2010. The Austin, Texas based high-end retail food store is said to be offering more coupons online and expanding its cheaper 365 line of products. While unemployment is high, attributing to previous year’s losses in 2009 at the Whole Foods, new management, new marketing, and a pull back on expansion helped bring the numbers up in 2010, analysts say.  Those in the $150,000 salary earnings category and up seem less affected by the economony and loss of jobs, thus helping fuel the store’s growth in 2010 and beyond, when the store expects to ramp up expansion once again.

For those who prefer not to pay $5.99 for blueberries, Trader Joe’s across town is selling them for $2.99. And if you get lucky, you may find them sometimes at the 99 Cent Store for less than a buck. Another fruit at Trader Joe’s that was a good price was the banana, selling for 19 cents each.

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