Dog Friendly Hotels – You & Me and Doggy Make 3 in Surf City

Dog hotelsHuntington Beach, Calif.–You won’t be amazed to learn that the U.S. birthrate is the lowest in a century when you visit pet friendly hotels such as the Shorebreak Hotel in Huntington Beach. With so many couples bringing their pets on trips (and no kids) you quickly see just how many couples consider their dogs their children. And they often treat them like kids.

Pet hotels are sometimes easy– sometimes hard to find. Why? Hoteliers have to create specialized policies when they decide to cater to dog owners, and many don’t think it is worth the sacrifice. But for those who are committed to the concept, the customers they welcome are elated that they can bring their “children”.

Shorebreak Hotel in Huntington Beach offers one of the most welcoming pet policies. With a limit of two pets and no additional fees for canines, the hotel has learned in its one-year+ of operation that pet owners have very specific concerns that must be addressed. Where to take the pet to the bathroom is one of the biggest concerns. As a result, Shorebreak found a local firm that manufactures a unique artificial grass lot in a box called Petapotty.

Where and what can your dog eat? Shorebreak took care of that and allows pets on the outdoor dining patio. There are menu items for dogs, and they can eat next to their human companions, to boot!

One of HB’s most coveted attractions is the Dog Beach between Seapoint Street and Goldenwest Street next to Pacific Coast Highway. Visitors can either walk or jog with their pets to the beach, or take the car 15 blocks to the parking lot where Dog Beach is located.

When visiting Huntington Beach, don’t hesitate to bring your well behaved “children” and stay at the Shorebreak Hotel, where there’s no extra charge for the leashed, four-legged family members who find the beach quite appealing!

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