Trip to HB Under Scrutiny by El Paso, Texas

Ed Archuleta, president and CEO of the Public Service Board in El Paso visited Huntington Beach, one of his 28 reported business trips costing his city over $16,000 for travel. We love having him here in the seaside destination, and can’t blame him for visiting HB rather than less desirable spots. His expenses and travel were part of list publicized expenses from El Paso government leaders that cost the taxpayers approx. $60,000. El Paso City officials said that the amount was not extravagant and that all of the trips were beneficial to taxpayers. Mayor John Cook said the city has made a conscious effort to be frugal, but the trips benefit the city. Documents obtained by the Texas Public Information Act show that Public Service Board President and CEO Ed Archuleta traveled the most of city officials during the last 15 months. He took 28 trips to places such as Austin, Washington, D.C., Las Vegas; Huntington Beach, Calif.; Denver; Orlando, Fla.; and St. Petersburg, Fla. Travel is tough business, but we try to make it pleasant for our guests with our 8.5 miles of beaches. Welcome to Surf City!

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