When It’s 5 O’Clock, the Birds Get Hungry at Bolsa Chica Wetlands

You’re on your way home from work along busy Pacific Coast Highway in Huntington Beach. You can’t help notice that around 5 p.m., the birds get a little crazy at the ecological reserve. Some are even reckless in their flight, zooming past cars going 60 mph, and coming a bit too close for comfort. What gives?

You’re rushing home to eat, and the birds are rushing to grab their dinner, as well, dodging & darting in the shallow waters for a delicious fresh catch of the day fish. It is a perfect time to park your car at the wetlands, take a stroll on the bridge, and enjoy the feeding frenzy. Lately a cute little black-necked stiltbird has been boldly feasting just beneath the bridge, somewhat oblivious to the crowds that come to watch.

If you can spare an additional 15 minutes, go beyond the bridge on the loop trail and wander just past the fenced area to watch the skimmers. They are simply amazing, as they glide just inches or feet above the surface of the water, beaks open, grabbing food along the way as they fly in a straight path down small water channels.

Bolsa Chica wetlands is a visual feast before your very own stop for food, or journey home to grab a bite after work. Be sure to take the time to check it out. You’ll be glad you did!

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